What are Industrial Coatings and their Applications?

What are Industrial Coatings and their Applications?

Industrial coatings are products engineered specifically for their protective and functional properties. But while protection is their underlying goal, they also can be aesthetic.

Most industrial coatings are used for corrosion control of concrete and steel, but they lie under a complex market umbrella and work in numerous areas. Also known as Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) coatings, these industrial-grade products can be used for a number of applications.

Industrial coatings make up a large market, with hundreds of millions of gallons sold to customer industries per year – calculating to billions of dollars.

Industrial Coating Applications

AQUA-SHIELD WSR - 1 gallon canThe list of applications for industrial coatings is seemingly endless, so first you must understand the reason for using them. The primary focus for applying coatings is to preserve the item that lies beneath it in some way. This is particularly important avoiding various types of corrosion.

The most common application for these coating products is to prevent corrosion of steel and concrete. Another common use is to make the material less susceptible to fire or other hazards.

Industrial coatings will extend the overall lifetime of materials, which in turn curbs replacement costs. They are typically applied using brushes, airless sprayers, or paint rollers. Some of the more complex methods include spinning, electro-coating, or autophoretic application.

Types of Industrial Coatings

While there are many application processes, some typical polymers that are used as coatings are:

  • Epoxy
  • Polyurethane
  • Fluoropolymer
  • Moisture cure urethane

Industrial wood coatings can be used for a range of applications, often applied to furniture, industrial joinery, and bathroom and kitchen fittings.

Aqua-Shield Industrial Coating Products

The Aqua-Shield WSR Series, which is manufactured by Watson Coatings, is an air-dry, water-reducible industrial enamel. Durable and versatile, Aqua-Shield is a high-performance coating ideal for moderate industrial environments.

These Direct-To-Metal (DTM) coatings are self-priming and can coat a broad range of surfaces by using almost any method. If you are searching for a solvent-based performance in an easily-managed water-based form, then the Aqua-Shield WSR Series is an excellent choice. It can be used on:

  • Concrete floors
  • Concrete blocks
  • Metal building exteriors
  • Structural steel
  • Other miscellaneous equipment

If you are interested in testing out these easy-to-use industrial coatings, your first quart is on us!

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