What is UV Coating?

Everything You Need to Know about UV Coating

Discover why you should take advantage of this better kind of coating

You may have heard the term UV coating before, but unless you’ve worked with the product, you may not know exactly what it does or why it’s becoming so ubiquitous. Take note if you operate in the industrial or OEM manufacturer sectors. New advances in UV coating make it a viable, even superior alternative to traditional powder coating techniques. Read on to learn if you too should be using this product.

What Exactly is UV Coating?

This coating is applied to industrial products and then dried with an ultraviolet lamp. It is made up of compounds like polyethylene, calcium carbonate and kaolinite which are then mixed with agents to help with adhesion. When it dries it provides a rock hard finish

What Types of Materials can be UV Coated?

There are very few limits on the types of materials that can accept a UV coating. It contains no volatile organic compounds and is one of the most environmentally friendly coatings available anywhere on the market right now. It can also be special formulated to enhance specific properties according to the manufacturer’s needs.

What are the Advantages of UV Coating?

They are many, especially as an alternative to powder coating. These are the primary reasons that manufacturers of all types are quickly making UV coating the product of choice:

  • Sustainability – Since these coatings contain no volatile organic compounds they are safe for a wide variety of applications and side step a number of regulatory hurdles.
  • Speed – UV coating cures almost instantaneously, something that can’t be said for powder coating. That makes this an ideal product for line operations. Plus, since the curing process does not produce heat there is no need to dedicate time to cooling.
  • Customization – Different formulations of UV coating emphasize different properties. The coating can be formulated for the purposes of abrasion resistance, hardness, chemical resistance, and flexibility. It also comes in a wide range of colors.
  • Performance – This type of coating equals and often exceed the performance of powder coating. And since it cures so quickly it offers an added layer of benefits.
  • Cost – In spite of it’s many advantages, UV coating is competitively priced when compared to the alternatives. And since it rely on electric lamps rather than gas-fired ovens, the total cost of the curing process tends to be significantly less.

UV Coating is the Smart Choice for Your Operation

UV coating is a true advancement – something that improves entirely on what came before it without creating any new obstacles or impediments. If you’re ready to make the switch to the coating of the future, find the custom UV coatings you require at Watson Coatings.

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