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Watson Rust Proofing Coatings

Watson Coatings manufactures Armor-Shield Rust Proofing coatings for the automotive, trucking industry or any industry that requires extreme corrosion resistance.  These products were used extensively in the 70’s and 80’s on fleet vans and government vehicles until galvanizing became common.  Still used today, these coatings work on vehicles:

  • Inside doors
  • On fenders
  • On rockers
  • On frames
  • Under the hood
  • On chassis’s

These coatings have also been used in underground electrical vaults or boxes where exposure to moisture is a danger to sensitive electrical connections, with no effect on the electronics or conductivity.  Formulated with Calcium Sulfonate resins that are extremely corrosion resistant, they can be modified with additional resins to provide a firmer, harder coating.

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Armor-Shield Rust Proofing coatings are easy to apply, single component products that withstand temperatures of up to 500°F  and are resistant to moisture, salts, and other chemicals.  Armor-Shield Rust-Proofing coatings consist of high build under-coatings for beneath vehicles that resist damages from rocks and road debris and thin film low viscosity penetrant sealers that creep and flow into crevices and rolled seams in new and older vehicles.  The Rust-Proofing can be applied by Airless spray or low-pressure spray systems and the penetrants can be applied by Hudson or Garden type sprayers.  Special attachments are available to apply products inside of door panels and rocker panels.

What you can expect from these Rust-Proofing coatings

  • Extremely corrosion resistant to water, condensation, salts and various chemicals including acids
  • Meets the EPA’s Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) requirements across the country
  • Can be used in electrical vaults or boxes with no effect on components or conductivity
  • Can be applied over most any surface due to its soft film forming properties
  • An air-dry products that requires no mixing of components and has no pot-life

Watson Coatings provides Armor-Shield Rust-Proofing coatings in sizes from 1 gallon cans for individual users to 55 gallon drums for large scale operations.  Products are also available in 16 gallon kegs on special order.  Products are inexpensive and ready to use straight from the container and can be applied at high film thicknesses in a single coat with no runs or sags.

These products meet MIL-C-83933, including tropical, as specified in MIL-STD-1223V and MIL-C-62218 for cold application of Corrosion Resistant Compounds as specified in MIL-R-46164C.  These products can be supplied in a wide range of Federal Standard 595B Colors or custom colors as required.

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