Rust Proofing Your Car > The How and Why

Rust proofing products are used for a variety of industries, including everything from trucking to automotive to structural support. Rust proof coatings are sometimes even used in underground electrical vaults where water exposure can pose a danger to sensitive electrical connections.

Using a quality rust proofing product, you can safeguard your electronics from excessive moisture.

Car Rust Proofing: How is it Done?

These days, cars are certainly more protected than they were in past decades. But newer chemicals on the road are becoming more and more corrosive to vehicles. This coupled with high humidity and temperature variations are simply a recipe for rust.

ARMOR SHIELD Rust Proofing - 5 gallon pailRust proofing your car can include everything from:

  • Inside doors
  • Frames
  • Fenders
  • Rockers
  • Chassis’s

Rust is a four-letter word that can wreak havoc on your car – along with your wallet. So wouldn’t it make sense to invest a little more into your vehicle for additional protection?

Under the Hood > It’s Equally Important

Rust proofing products can also be used under the hood of your car. While protecting fenders, body panels and vehicle frames is important, it is equally important to protect electrical areas such as plugs, switches, wiring harnesses and battery terminals. Keeping these areas protected with a high quality rust proofing product could significantly curb vehicle breakdowns and repair costs.

Another benefit of a quality rust inhibitor is the lubrication of important moving parts, such as:

  • Door hinges
  • Brake cables
  • Suspension components

Many rust proofing products can be applied using either an airless spray or low-pressure spray system. These sprays can be used with special attachments to reach door panels, rocker panels and other hard-to-reach areas.

What to Expect from Watson’s Rust Proofing Coatings System

As a whole, rust is far less prevalent now than it was two decades ago, but rust damage can cause a host of problems.

Armor-Shield Rust Proofing Coatings by Watson are easy to use, single component products that are resistant to salts, moisture and chemicals that could potentially harm your vehicle.

These coatings offer a high-build under-coating for underneath vehicles to protect from rocks and road debris. What else does do they have to offer?

  • They can be used over nearly any surface
  • They meet the EPA’s Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) requirements
  • They are corrosion resistant to salts, water, condensation and other chemicals
  • They have Air-dry capabilities that require no mixing and has no pot-life

Here at Watson Coatings, we strive for quality. If you’d like to test out an effective and easy-to-use car rust proofing product, your first quart is on us!

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