How to Remove Graffiti for Good

Learn How to Remove Graffiti and Keep it Off Your Walls Permanently

Protect your home or business from annoying and unsightly vandalism

Graffiti can be bold, expressive, artistic, and creative – but only when it’s on property you’re not responsible for. If you’ve ever had to remove graffiti before, you know that it’s a time and labor intensive process, and always an unwelcome surprise. The good news is that there are techniques that make it easier to remove graffiti and strategies that make it harder for graffiti artists to strike twice.

Graffiti Removal Tool Kit

If you regularly have to remove graffiti from your walls, it’s worth it to keep some supplies on hand. Here are the items you should have in your tool kit:

  • A can of aerosol solvent
  • Clean cotton painter’s rags
  • Large trash bags
  • Cheap paint rollers, brushes, and paint containers
  • Paint that matches the surfaces around your property
  • Paint scraper
  • Dust mask
  • Safety glasses
  • Dish soap dissolved in water in a spray bottle

Tips for Graffiti Removal

There is not one universally-effective strategy for removing graffiti. But if you follow these tips you should be able to remove the signs of most graffiti:

  • Start with the soap and water solution. This is often all you need for smooth surfaces like signs. Only move up to the chemical solvent if less harsh methods are not working.
  • New graffiti tends to be easier to remove than old graffiti. If paint appears on your walls overnight, try to address the problem as quickly as you can.
  • Avoid using solvents on surfaces that have paint under the graffiti. In the process of removing the graffiti you will also ruin the original paint.
  • Graffiti painted on rough surfaces will typically required a chemical solvent and a lot of elbow grease. Use a wire brush or steel wool to get into the uneven surfaces. If this fails to do the trick you may need to involve a power washer.
  • When all else fails, your only option is to paint over the graffiti. If you have matched the cover-up paint correctly, and apply enough of it, the fix will be nearly invisible.

Long-Term Graffiti Prevention

Removing graffiti once is annoying, but having to do it two or more times can inspire you to pull your hair out. Here are some tips to stop the problem before it starts:

Tackle Your Graffiti Problem with the Help of Watson Coatings

At Watson Coatings, we manufacture two products you may be interested in. The first is an anti-graffiti coating that allows you to reliably remove all graffiti from all surfaces using just a power washer. The second is a more protective anti-graffiti coating – which is slightly more expensive, but allows you to do the same things with just a detergent and a rag. If graffiti is a consistent problem for you, these are solutions worth investigating. Contact us to learn more.


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