Pipe Coatings

The Aqua- Shield WPC Series of coatings is a general purpose exterior Pipe & Bollard Coating to be used in place of solvent-based asphaltic pipe coatings technology.  The product is extremely surface-tolerant and makes an excellent general maintenance coating.  Available in all pipe coating colors, black, clear and ghost (a see through black) that allows you to read pipe marking through the coatings while still appearing as a black coated pipe.  Also available in safety colors for bollards and pipe marking colors as well as a wide variety of primers and custom colors.

The Aqua-Shield WPC Series products are very fast dry, easy to apply, single component material that clean up with water but provide the gloss appearance and performance of solvent based coatings.  The high gloss, hard enamel finish has outstanding performance in moderate environments including condensation.

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