Industrial Enamels

Watson Coatings Manufactures a line of coating for use in the Industrial and OEM Markets.  The Aqua-Shield WSR and Aqua-Shield WA Series of air-dry products and the Aqua-Shield WB Series of water-based bake coatings can be custom formulated to your specific needs.  These products can be formulated for your application needs, whether they are spray, flow-coat or dip applications.  These products can also be formulated for specific performance needs (hardness, dry-time, color, salt fog requirements, QUV testing, etc.) or for specific cost requirements.

J-W Power Company is a very satisfied user of Watson WSR paint. We use this paint on gas compressor packages and really like its direct to metal feature. Our sales support from Watson is also great. I have recommended Watson coatings to many other businesses.
-David R, J-W Power Longview

Want the best custom coatings in easy to use water-based products with solvent based performance; give Aqua-Shield Products a try today.  For special performance requirements, Watson Coatings manufactures a line of UV Cure Coatings in a variety of colors that provide exceptional hardness, chemical resistance and almost instant cure.

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