Cylinder Paint

Watson Coatings manufactures the Aqua-Shield WSR Series of water-based spray/roll enamels for use on the exterior of high pressure gas cylinders.  These products are stocked in gallon cans, 5 gallon pails and aerosols for all standard gas cylinder colors.  We match special colors for individual companies, including water-based metallics.  For companies who only spray their cylinders, we manufacture the Aqua-Shield WAS Series (spray viscosity) enamel which is ready to spray straight from the container without additional thinning.

Watson Coatings sells a complete line of accessories for painting cylinders including pipe rollers, replacement rollers, nuts, springs, grids and bonnets.  Watson Coating manufactures the only temperature sensitive coating TA350 for use on aluminum oxygen cylinders, which changes from clear to black at 350°F to indicate the cylinder, has been overheated and should not be refilled.

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