Anti-Graffiti Coatings

In addition to the High Ratio Calcium Sulfonate Bridge Coatings (CSA), Watson Coatings manufactures a solvent-based and water-based Anti-Graffiti Coating. The water-based, sacrificial coating is low cost and can be applied to large areas where graffiti is a problem. For hard to reach areas, or areas subjected to repeated attacks a solvent-based, two (2) component urethane provides a more permanent solution. The solvent based product allows graffiti to be removed over and over with no or minimal effect to the anti-graffiti coating.

These products can be used on sound barrier walls, bridges, signs, building exteriors, structural steel, billboards or anywhere that vandals may strike. These products can be applied over most any coating or on any surface and have also been approved by various Department of Transportation’s (DOT) and Transportation Cabinets.

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