ARMOR-SHIELD Bridge Coatings - 5 gallon pail

Armor Shield Bridge Coatings

The Armor–Shield CSA Products are High Ratio Calcium Sulfonate Alkyd Coatings that has been approved by over 20 different State Department of Transportation (DOT’s) and Transportation Cabinets across the country.

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Product Description

They are easy to apply, single component products that are very economically priced. The secret is that the Calcium Sulfonate is an extremely corrosion resistant resin that provides a protective barrier against moisture, salts and other chemicals. These products were designed for use over existing lead based structures without removing all of the lead based paint but can be used on any in place structure over most any coating system. These products have also been tested by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and also by the Corps of Engineers for use on Dam Gates and Weirs, performing better than most every other system tested. Watson Coatings also manufactures sacrificial and non-sacrificial Anti-Graffiti products for use on sound barrier walls, signs, building exteriors or anywhere that vandals may strike that have been approved for use by DOT’s.