Gas Cylinder Coatings

An Innovation in Gas Cylinder Coatings

Watson Coatings manufactures the first water-reducible alkyd coating for industrial gas cylinders

Our Aqua-Shield WSR Series gas cylinder coatings were designed as the first true water-reducible alkyd coatings for use on the exterior of high-pressure industrial gas cylinders. WSR stands for water-reducible, spray, or roll. This line of gas cylinder coatings boasts a viscosity that is high enough to be brushed or rolled on with pipe rollers, yet is low enough to be sprayed straight from the bucket with minimal thinning. Being water-based, these gas cylinder coatings can be thinned with water and cleaned up with water, as long as the material is wet. Once the coating has dried, it can be removed with a mild solvent.

For large spray applications, we manufacture a newer version of the Aqua-Shield WSR gas cylinder coatings – the Aqua-Shield WAS series of gas cylinder coatings. The Aqua-Shield WAS series is a spray-ready gas cylinder coating that can be used direct from the bucket or drum without additional thinning.

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Two Lines of Gas Cylinder Coatings to Meet All Your Coating Needs

Watson Coatings manufactures two lines of gas cylinder coatings to meet all your coating needs:

  • Aqua-Shield WSR Series – These gas cylinder coatings are high-gloss, single component, very fast dry water-reducible enamels. The WSR Series is our standard line.
  • Aqua-Shield WAS Series – A newer version of our WSR gas cylinder coatings, the WAS Series offers the same performance of our standard line, but in a spray-viscosity form. With a lower viscosity, but the same amount of solid paint in each bucket, the WAS Series is ideal for high-volume conventional spray facilities who want to spray straight from the bucket without having to thin a product.

For ease of ordering, our Aqua-Shield WAS series gas cylinder coatings have the same product numbers as their WSR counterparts. They are also priced the same. Both lines of gas cylinder coatings are available in all standard cylinder colors, including metallics, as well as in custom colors. We also produce matching aerosols for touch-up of cylinders or for painting cylinder caps, collars, and neck rings.

Learn more about Custom Aerosols here.

Watson Coatings has what you’re looking for in a gas cylinder coating:

  • Our gas cylinder coatings are developed specifically for industrial cylinders painting. We stock all gas cylinder colors in 1s, 5s, and drums for quick shipping.
  • Custom colors are available, as well as matching aerosols.
  • All our gas cylinder coatings are single component and water based.
  • Our Aqua-Series gas cylinder coatings dry to a hard, glossy solvent-based appearance.

Watson Coatings – The Innovator of Gas Cylinder Coatings

We offer the performance of a solvent-based gas cylinder coating in an easy to use water-based form

In the past, our competitors would supply either solvent-based or water-based products depending upon your preference or VOC needs. But Watson Coatings changed all that with our Aqua-Shield WSR and WAS gas cylinder coatings.

Through an innovative process, we are able to modify and transform solvent-based resins into a water-reducible coating. Our resulting Aqua-Shield line of gas cylinder coatings provides the performance of a solvent-based product, all in and easy to use water-based form.

We give you the gloss and hardness of solvent-based enamels in a VOC compliant, fast-drying (as quick as 15 minutes) coating. Our gas cylinder coatings are safer to store and safer to use than our competitors’ products. We’re so confident in our gas cylinder coatings the first coat is on us.

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