Exterior Pipe Coatings

WPC Exterior Pipe Coatings Provide Durable, Asphalt-Free Protection

The WPC line of exterior pipe coatings was developed as a general-purpose exterior pipe coating to be used in place of solvent-based asphaltic pipe coating technology. Extremely surface tolerant, the WPC line of exterior pipe coatings is an excellent general maintenance coating.

These exterior pipe coatings are available in black, clear, ghost (a see-through black that allows you to read pipe marking through the coating), safety colors, pipe-marking colors, and a wide variety of primers and custom colors. They can even be manufactured with different sheens (gloss) if desired.

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Fast-Drying and Easy to Apply

Our Aqua-Shield WPC exterior pipe coatings are fast drying (as quick as 15 minutes), easy to apply single-component coatings that clean up effortlessly with water. They are self-priming, direct-to-metal (DTM) enamels that can be used over ferrous and non-ferrous metals on items such as tanks, exteriors, lockers, railings, machinery, metal building exteriors, and miscellaneous equipment. The high gloss, hard enamel finish of our exterior pipe coatings provides outstanding performance in moderate environments. Plus, you can count on it to look great for a long time.

The Aqua-Shield WPC line of exterior pipe coatings has everything you need in a general-purpose exterior pipe coating:

  • Choice Colors – The WPC line is available in all pipe and bollard coating colors, including custom.
  • Fast Drying – Our exterior pipe coatings fast dry to a hard enamel finish in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Surface Tolerant  Can be applied to steel, aluminum, or concrete surfaces.
  • Asphalt-Free – Our easy to use water-based formula contains no asphalt.
  • Environmentally Friendly – The WPC line of exterior pipe coatings is VOC compliant and cleans easily with water.

When It Comes to Exterior Pipe Coatings, Watson Makes It Easy

Watson’s Aqua-Shield WPC pipe coatings are easy to apply and easy to clean up. These water-based enamels quick dry to a hard, glossy finish. They contain no asphaltic material and hold their gloss and color far longer than our competitor’s products. In addition, our exterior pipe coatings exceed the most stringent VOC requirements across the country. Our Aqua-Shield WPC line of exterior pipe coatings is so easy to work with, you’re sure to find many other applications for this product.

Go ahead and try it out. Your first quart is on us.

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Got Bollards? Our Aqua-Shield WPC exterior pipe coatings can also be used on steel bollards. Available in safety colors, including safety yellow topcoat and yellow primers that provide additional protection and durability, our line of exterior pipe coatings can be color-matched for all your bollards.

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