Essential Coating Tools To Complete Your Project

coating tools

Quality Coating Work Requires the Right Tools

Gather the essentials before you start working

What good is having a great coating if you don’t have the tools you need to properly apply it? You can try to get by with what you have, but you’re likely to end up with a big mess and a finished project you’re not happy with. Before you start your next coating project, make sure that you have these essential tools on hand:

Painter’s Tape: There is no way to protect surfaces and achieve clean, straight, professional-looking lines unless you use blue painter’s tape. Keep a couple of rolls on hand, and use it liberally.

Drop Cloth: Just a drop or two of paint can ruin the surface of a floor, especially if it’s carpet. Put down a drop cloth as a safeguard.

Sandpaper: Lightly sanding rough or uneven patches on the area where you’re working can help to achieve a smoother, more consistent looking finish.

Trisodium Phosphate (TSP): It’s not a matter of if you will spill coating, it’s a matter of when. TSP effectively removes most coatings without leaving a residue.

Brushes: It’s best to start any coating project with new brushes. Get a small one for cutting in on corners and a larger one for covering flat surfaces.

Rollers: The fastest and most consistent way to apply a coating is to use a roller. Find the size and style most appropriate for your job.

Replacement Rollers: If you have a big job on your hands or plan to use multiple colors, you’re going to replacement rollers. Plan to have more than you think you’ll need.

Extension Pole: In order to paint ceilings and high surfaces you will need an extension pole for your roller.

Paint Tray and Liner: If you plan to use a roller you will need a paint tray. Putting in a liner makes clean up much quicker and easier.

Bucket Grid: This is a handy alternative to a paint tray that allows you to work directly from a 5-gallon bucket of paint and roll on paint without worrying about the excess.

Plastic Bonnets: When you need to quickly cover a 5-gallon bucket of coating, plastic bonnets keep the paint from drying out and are easily disposable.

Find Your Coating Tools at Watson Coatings

Trust us, it’s a lot better to have a tool and not need it than to need a tool and not have it. You can find all your essential coating tools at Watson Coatings, along with all your coatings. One stop and your project is ready to get started. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or our business.

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