Custom Aerosols

Custom Aerosols – An Exact Match for All Your Painting Needs

Watson Coatings custom aerosols are 12-ounce solvent-based aerosols packaged 12 cans to a case and matched to your specific paint color and gloss requirements. Aerosols are available to match all standard Aqua-Shield WSR, WAS, and WPC series products. For your custom aerosol paint color needs, we can provide the color and the gloss you specify in quantities as small as 24 cans (or 2 cases). If you need aerosols for touching up your application or to supply touch-up paint to your customer after your parts ship, we can custom formulate an easy-to-use aerosol that is an exact match.

Numerous Options for Quick Delivery

We stock aerosols in most standard Aqua-Shield WSR, WAS, and WPC colors for convenient shipping with your 1-gallon or 5-gallon paint purchases. If you need a custom aerosol to match a specific color or gloss, we can custom formulate and ship your aerosol order in as little as 2 to 3 weeks. As a convenience for our loyal customers, we’ll keep your custom aerosols in stock so we can ship them immediately the next time you order. If your customer needs touch-up paint in a hurry, we can drop ship orders to your client for faster service.

When you order custom aerosols from Watson Coatings, we

  • Can match any color or gloss in easy to spray 12-ounce aerosols.
  • Stock most standard Aqua-Shield WSR, WAS and WPC series colors for convenient same-day shipping.
  • Offer a minimum order quantity of only 24 cans (or 2 cases) for custom aerosol orders.
  • Will custom-match any color and keep your product in stock for immediate shipping of ongoing projects.
  • Can drop ship to your customers for faster service.

Our Outstanding Quality and Service is Passed on to Your Customers

While our competitors require minimum orders of 500 to 1000 cans, Watson Coatings allows you to place a custom aerosol order for as little as 24 cans. This not only makes touch-up for your operation easier, but also allows you to provide touch-up aerosol spray cans to your customers for all the colors you use and not just your large-volume colors. Combined with our stock-ahead policy and the ability to drop ship directly to your customers, the outstanding quality and service you get from Watson Coatings is also passed on to your customers. This is something they’re sure to remember you for!

Don’t wait. Call Watson Coatings today to place your custom aerosol order. Your customers will thank you.

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