Why Choose a Family-Owned Industrial Coatings Company?

Find an Industrial Coating Company to Meet All of Your Needs

Separate the best from the rest

When it comes to something like industrial coatings, does it actually matter whether you work with a family-owned company or a major company? It does, and when it comes to something as important as your industrial coatings you will want to work with the very best company you can. These are just a few of the ways that a family-owned industrial coatings company meets more of your needs:

Products Based on Your Requirements

Since we are a family-owned business, we have a close, long-term relationship with many of our customers. We always look forward to talking with these customers because they let us know how our industrial coatings are performing in action and what kind of products they are still looking for. That allows us to constantly improve the products we currently offer and expand our product lines in directions that meet more of our customer’s needs. Our inventory is dictated by the customer, not the market.

Custom Formulations Available

Years in the industrial coatings business have taught us that no two customers have the exact same needs. That’s why we offer custom formulations for most of our products. You let us know about your requirements, then we create a coating specifically designed to meet all of them. Many larger industrial coatings companies will not offer you that level of customization. Plus, since we make our own coatings, we cut out the middle man markups you pay elsewhere and pass the savings directly on to you.

Exemplary Service without Fail

Our company carries our family name, and we aim to keep our positive reputation intact. If you ever have a question, concern, or issue, we will respond immediately and do everything possible to get things resolved quickly and completely. Most of our customers we know on a close, personal basis. They are more than customers; they are friends. We take a lot of pride in our products, and we want them to perform perfectly no matter what. That’s why we spring into action on the rare instances when they fall short. Try getting that level of service from a bigger company.

Make Watson Coatings Your Industrial Coatings Company

Experience what a difference family-owned makes by working with Watson Coatings on your next project. We have a feeling you will appreciate the level of quality, commitment, and service that we extend to each and every person we work with. If you have questions about our company or our products, please contact us at your convenience.

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