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Armor-Shield Bridge Coatings – An Economical Solution for Painting and Protecting Lead-Based Bridges

Watson Coatings manufactures the Armor-Shield CSA series of bridge coatings. These coatings are formulated with calcium sulfonate resins (the resins used in automotive rustproofing and undercoating products since the early 70s), combined with solvent-borne alkyd enamels to provide a firmer, harder coating. These products were designed as overcoating for existing bridges that have lead-based paint. With current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, these lead-based coatings can be extremely expensive to remove.

Using Armor-Shield CSA bridge coatings, an existing bridge can be power washed with 2500 – 5000 PSI water to remove old, loose lead-based paint. The paint can be collected and disposed of without having to sandblast the bridge. The bridge can then be coated with one or two coats of Armor-Shield CSA series bridge coatings to cover the remaining lead-based system, encapsulate the lead, and protect the bridge for years to come.

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Cost-Effective Lead Removal

By removing just the loose coatings from the bridge and power washing, bridge contractors can eliminate sandblasting. This means that lead dust is not displaced into the air with sandblasting, keeping you from having to place containment around the bridge to filter out the lead dust. This saves money for both the contractor and the state or municipality who owns the bridge. It also prevents the bridge from being shut down for long periods, helping to avoid traffic nightmares. With the Armor-Shield CSA series of bridge coatings, Departments of Transportation (DOT) and Transportation Cabinets are able to get more bridges painted in less time, and for less money. That’s something everyone can be happy about.

Why should you choose Watson Coatings’ Armor-Shield CSA series of bridge coatings?

  • It’s an economical system for painting bridges that are coated with lead-based paints.
  • The CSA series can be applied over most any coating system, not just lead-based paints.
  • This single-component, air-dry system requires no mixing components and has no pot-life.
  • Our coatings are extremely corrosion resistant, passing 5000+ hours ASTM D5894.
  • Watson Coatings’ Armor-Shield CSA series of bridge coatings meets all VOC requirements across the country.

Complete Bridge Coating in Just One Coat

Watson Coatings surpasses most other bridge coating manufacturers by supplying a single-component, high-solids, VOC-compliant bridge coating that can be applied in just one coat over minimal surface preparation. Most other bridge coatings require multiple, expensive coats, in addition to sandblasting and lead containment prior to the coating being applied. Repeated testing* shows that our unique single-coat system performs as well as or better than these expensive, multiple coat systems.

100% performance at a fraction of the price. Watson Coatings is the only logical choice for quality bridge coatings. Give us a call to speak with a bridge coatings specialist who can outline a plan that fits your budget.

*As proven in Corps of Engineers and Federal Highway Administration testing, as well as testing by State Departments of Transportation and State Transportation Cabinets across the country. Copies of these tests are available upon request.

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