coating tools

Essential Coating Tools To Complete Your Project

Quality Coating Work Requires the Right Tools Gather the essentials before you start working What good is having a great coating if you don’t have the tools you need to properly apply it? You can try to get by with what you have, but you’re likely …


voc compliant

VOC Compliant: Why It Matters

Should You be Using VOC Compliant Paint? Understand the regulations before you start to paint Anyone operating in a manufacturing, industrial, or construction setting is subject to strict regulations regarding workplace safety and environmental impact. If your project includes paint, you need to …


industrial coatings

Why Choose a Family-Owned Industrial Coatings Company?

Find an Industrial Coating Company to Meet All of Your Needs Separate the best from the rest When it comes to something like industrial coatings, does it actually matter whether you work with a family-owned company or a major company? It does, and …


what is powder coating

What is Powder Coating? The Pros and Cons

Answers to the Question – What is Powder Coating? Find out what it is and whether it’s right for you Powder coating is one of the most common and most popular types of paint application process. But does that mean it’s the right …


how to remove epoxy

Quick Fix – How to Remove Epoxy

Eight Methods for Removing Epoxy Clean up the toughest messes quickly and completely The same quality that makes epoxy great as an adhesive makes it a nightmare to remove – it’s very solid. Just a few misplaced drops can leave you with a …


UV coating lamp

What is UV Coating?

Everything You Need to Know about UV Coating Discover why you should take advantage of this better kind of coating You may have heard the term UV coating before, but unless you’ve worked with the product, you may not know exactly what it …


graffiti removal anti graffiti coating

How to Remove Graffiti for Good

Learn How to Remove Graffiti and Keep it Off Your Walls Permanently Protect your home or business from annoying and unsightly vandalism Graffiti can be bold, expressive, artistic, and creative – but only when it’s on property you’re not responsible for. If you’ve …


painting techniques

Three Essential Painting Techniques

Learn Painting Techniques to Complete Any Project The basics every painter needs to master Painting is not rocket science but there is more to it than it seems. Many people assume they can simply buy some paint and brushes and start slopping the …


What is a Nap Roller?

Painting Tools of the Trade – Nap Roller Don’t start a project without the right equipment You could be the greatest painter in the world, but if you don’t have the right equipment your job won’t turn out the way you want it …


ARMOR SHIELD Rust Proofing - 5 gallon pail

Rust Proofing Your Car > The How and Why

Rust proofing products are used for a variety of industries, including everything from trucking to automotive to structural support. Rust proof coatings are sometimes even used in underground electrical vaults where water exposure can pose a danger to sensitive electrical connections. Using a …