Anti-Graffiti Removal Solutions

Anti-Graffiti Removal Solutions

Did you know there are two anti-graffiti solutions?

  1. Non-Sacrificial Coatings
  2. Sacrificial Coatings 

Non Sacrificial – Watson Coatings makes two variations of non-sacrificial systems:

  • single component epoxy/water-based urethane
  • catalyzed epoxy/solvent-based urethane

Anti Graffiti SolutionsThe difference between the two is that the single pack water-based system is a little more user friendly. It can be cleaned up with water and you don’t have to mix in a catalyst. However, even though the water-based system has excellent performance, you will get a longer service life from the solvent based catalyzed system.

Either way, these two non-sacrificial systems are designed to last through many removals of graffiti and do not require heated water to assist in the removal. Your everyday 1500+PSI maintenance power washer will do the work. Any new or previously painted surface is a candidate for these systems. A test patch over old coatings is recommended to check for compatibility. This is an excellent choice for hard to wash areas such as elevated surfaces.

Sacrificial – Watson Coatings makes one variations of sacrificial system:

The Watson Coatings sacrificial system is a paraffin/water-based acrylic that can be brushed, rolled or sprayed onto new or previously coated surfaces. Sacrificial coatings are designed to allow removal of the surface coat with 150 degree F water, taking with it all of the “Aerosol Art.”

Then a fresh sacrificial coat is applied to the clean surface. This is an excellent solution for sound barriers, building exteriors, ridges, tanks or other structures with ground level access and frequent graffiti violation.

Not Sure Which to Use?

We can assist you in analyzing the situation, sharing our years of field experience with you so you get the right product for the job. It may help to try some samples to see which works best for you.

Learn more about our FREE SAMPLE program.

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