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Get Rid of Graffiti for Good with Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Not only is graffiti damage an eyesore, but graffiti removal costs billions of dollars annually. Though many cities have started anti-graffiti programs, vandalism is still a problem. Property owners are left to figure out how to quickly remove spray paint without breaking the bank.

Watson Coatings has your solution. We offer two types of protective coatings to prevent vandals from defacing your property with graffiti paint. Watson Coatings can help you get rid of graffiti for good with our anti-graffiti coatings.

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Two Types of Anti-Graffiti Coatings to Meet Your Graffiti Removal Needs

There are two main types of anti-graffiti coatings, and Watson Coatings manufactures them both.

  • Sacrificial Coating –  A sacrificial anti-graffiti coating forms a clear-coat barrier over the surface being protected. If the surface is vandalized, the protective coating can be removed (in other words, sacrificed) using a high-pressure washer, taking the graffiti with it. Sacrificial coatings are great for sound barriers, building exteriors, bridges, tanks, and any other surfaces with ground-level access.

Our sacrificial anti-graffiti coating, Aqua-Shield WAC2040006, is a single-component water-based system that is extremely fast drying and easy to use. When vandals apply graffiti paint on a surface protected with Aqua-Shield WAC2040006, a 1500+ PSI maintenance power-washer easily removes the anti-graffiti coating down to the substrate. Then another coat of Aqua-Shield WAC2040006 is applied to keep protecting the surface.

  • Permanent (or Non-Sacrificial) Coating Permanent anti-graffiti coatings are often more expensive than sacrificial coatings, but if used appropriately only have to be applied once. They work by creating a protective surface that spray paint cannot bond to. The graffiti is simply wiped off with a graffiti remover, leaving the graffiti coating and the surface it protects intact.

Our permanent anti-graffiti coating, Armorex TP402HS/C1000HS, is a solvent-based two-component polyurethane finish. It is the best choice for hard to reach or elevated areas. The Armorex TP402HS/C1000HS coating provides excellent, long-lasting performance.

Anti-Graffiti Options for Every Surface

Our low-cost sacrificial coating is used on concrete abutments, overpasses, and underpass bridges, which are constantly being sprayed with aerosol graffiti. This system provides protection of large surface areas at minimal cost.

For hard-to-reach signs, water towers, and other out of the way areas, our non-sacrificial coating provides protection without the need for bulky cleaning equipment. Just wipe the graffiti away with a solvent or your favorite cleaner.

No matter which option you choose, our anti-graffiti coatings are designed to protect your property:

  • Sacrificial coating offers low-cost protection for large volume or surface areas.
  • Our high-performance non-sacrificial product is the top choice for difficult to reach areas.
  • All our coatings can be applied over concrete, block, or metal surfaces.
  • They can also be applied over existing bridge coatings.
  • Most importantly, anti-graffiti coatings from Watson Coatings allow for quick, easy graffiti removal.

Tested and Approved Anti-Graffiti Coatings

At Watson Coatings, we produce only high-quality, high-performance products. Our anti-graffiti coatings have been tested and approved by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

If you’re ready to get rid of graffiti for good, call Watson Coatings for an anti-graffiti coating system that will protect your property. We’re so confident in our product we’ll let you try it free.

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